ZENITHBUILDTEK deals with the construction of individual houses and builder floor apartments. We are in the field of construction for over 15 years and have built a number of individual homes and apartments of remarkable quality, thus winning the hearts of our clients.

Every landowner encounters a variety of problems in building a house. Finding a suitable Engineer, Mason and other workers and supervising the work is a hectic task. This is where ZENITHBUILDTEK comes hand in hand to help you. We have a team of qualified professionals and skilled workers having a good experience in the field of construction.

As we undertake Interior works as well, we can design the floor space while the Initial drawing is done. This minimises the coordination that may be otherwise required. Give us the vacant plot and we can hand over the keys for a finished house including Interior Decoration.

Every project commences with a brief conversation with the client. We then understand their requirements and construct a perfect home meeting all their needs. Our methodical project planning, use of latest building technology, perfect service ensures 100% customer’s satisfaction. We always maintain high standards by utilizing quality construction materials and timely completion of the project.


We undertake the following construction services:

Independent House Construction Additional Rooms Construction Extra storey Construction
Drawings as per requirement with elements of Vasthu and Interior space planning
Site measurements Approval drawings and Follow up Structural Drawings
Elevation Drawings Detailed Floor plans Total Construction

As shelter is one of the human’s basic need, either small scale or large scale each of our project is given utmost care to ensure quality, integrity of the superstructures, plumbing and electric works are finished as per the client’s requirements and needs.